A few words about us

IntelFront effectively assists their clients with custom solutions for Monitored and Managed Security Services, Professional Information Security Consulting Services, and Security Products, with a goal of proactively, reactively and remedially supporting and managing the information security life cycle.

InfelFront was established to address the growing need for comprehensive Managed Security Services for enterprise network environments within the MENA region. IntelFront delivers tangible results and enhances its clients' information security capabilities.

Our philosophy is simple:  Build a talented team of certified security professionals, select the best tools the industry has to offer, and combine these resources into a centralized holistic environment to provide non-stop security services to our clients.

IntelFront is an information security and risk management company that focuses on providing visibility into security and operational issues for our clients. We help our customers get maximum value out of the tools and technologies they already have. We provide monitoring, managed security services and consulting services for our customers, helping them to make sense out of the technical information that they are inundated with on a daily basis and determine how they can obtain an effective level of security.


  • Align business and information security
  • Develop effective security budgets
  • Participation in regulatory compliance
  • Evaluate and manage third-party relationships
  • Measure the value of security
  • Perform security benchmarking.
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