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Information is now the product — IT protects the revenue!

IntelFront provides a combination of Professional Security Services, Managed Security Servcies, Training and Security Solution Integration Servics. IntelFront provides expertise in network and security assessments, PCI Compliancy, secure architecture and training.

Our team is made up of certified information security experts that are relied upon to secure public and private sector clients across the region.

Top Services

Penetration Test

A penetration test attempts to evaluate the security of IT infrastructure.

Risk Assessment

Reduce Risk Within Your Business & Reduce the Cost of Managing Risk.

Vulnerability Scan

Comprehensive security & compliance auditing with automatic monitoring.

PCI Compliance

PCI adherence to security standards that protect information during and after a financial transaction.


Our consulting service incorporates PCI, governance, risk and compliancy, and includes penetration testing, vulnerability and risk assessments.
Includes analysis, configuration, setup, alerts and 24x7 systems management of a number of IT security vendor solutions.

Choosing the right product is only part of the answer. Ensuring that the technology is installed and properly configured will ensure that the solutions is operating optimally to provide organizations with the best protection. Threat intelligence and event Correlation are key differentiators.

As a Managed Security Solution Provider collecting large data sets across our client base and advanced analytics position IntelFront to provide more proactive threat intelligence.

Information security training for vendor products and certifications.

Includes architectural reviews, installation and support of best-of-breed IT security solutions.

World-class security products that meet clients' varying needs with experts continually evaluating technology options to bring organizations the best-fit solutions.

Technology Solutions will include:

 • Authentication
 • Networking
 • Anti-virus
 • Firewall
 • IPS - Intrusion Prevention System
 • UTM - Unified Threat Management
 • VPN - Virtual Private Network
 • NAC - Network Access Control
 • SIEM - Security Information and Event Manager
 • End Point Security
 • Wireless Security
 • Vulnerability Management

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