Effective data security and privacy requires effective organizational governance. Leaders must possess the knowledge and resources to implement the essential governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) activities.

These activities are essential to the success of your organization's overall security posture and all programs intended to protect your data and respond to security breaches.They also can assist you in:

  • Identifying your key assets, and determining the amount of required protection
  • Driving budget assumptions
  • Effectively implementing and managing security controls
  • Supporting project management decisions
  • Identifying a Return on Security Investment, ROSI

IntelFront Advisory Services are designed to give your organization the quick start and the structured support to implement a successful GRC framework. These services are directly derived from your organization’s business strategy and practices—recognizing that true security is more than a technology solution.

Advisory Services Overview

Security Strategy and Management

As business and IT strategies are aligned, security and privacy must be integrated into both. Using an approach based on business and technology risk assessment, IntelFront can assist you in preparing your organization for where it needs to be now and where it needs to be in 5 years.

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Policies and Practices

IntelFront provides the strategic and technical support to evaluate and implement your security policies, processes, and controls.

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Compliance Management

IntelFront's Compliance Management service identifies the relevant compliance frameworks, educates employees about regulatory requirements, identifies the gaps between current practices and required ones, and delivers a mediation plan that prioritizes items and identifies resource requirements. A scorecard approach supports performance metrics and accurate progress measurement.

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PCI Gap Assessment

Our PCI Gap Assessment program uncovers any deficiencies in your policies and practices, network infrastructure, and data systems prior to completing an audit so that these can be quickly and inexpensively mediated to ensure your success.

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Security Awareness and Leadership Training

Your single greatest resource is your employees; they are your "front line troops" in handling your data. They may be the first to recognize a security breach, and the first to respond to an attack - are they ready?

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Our consulting service incorporates PCI, governance, risk and compliancy, and includes penetration testing, vulnerability and risk assessments.
Includes analysis, configuration, setup, alerts and 24x7 systems management of a number of IT security vendor solutions.

Choosing the right product is only part of the answer. Ensuring that the technology is installed and properly configured will ensure that the solutions is operating optimally to provide organizations with the best protection. Threat intelligence and event Correlation are key differentiators.

As a Managed Security Solution Provider collecting large data sets across our client base and advanced analytics position IntelFront to provide more proactive threat intelligence.

Information security training for vendor products and certifications.

Includes architectural reviews, installation and support of best-of-breed IT security solutions.

World-class security products that meet clients' varying needs with experts continually evaluating technology options to bring organizations the best-fit solutions.

Technology Solutions will include:

 • Authentication
 • Networking
 • Anti-virus
 • Firewall
 • IPS - Intrusion Prevention System
 • UTM - Unified Threat Management
 • VPN - Virtual Private Network
 • NAC - Network Access Control
 • SIEM - Security Information and Event Manager
 • End Point Security
 • Wireless Security
 • Vulnerability Management

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